BIOL 150, General Biology
Dr. Bergland
University of Wisconsin-River Falls

Case Project posters

Click on a title to access the web poster. The breast cancer case includes a discussion. Click the balloon icon in the upper right on that page to view the discussion messages. (All of the messages are posted by "kklyczek" but these are all discussion comments posted by students on the previous conferencing system).

Group 1
Student 1, Student 2
Breast cancer
Group 2
Student 3, Student 4
Hungtington's disease
Group 3
Student 5, Student 6
Cystic fibrosis
Group 4
Student 7, Student 8
Alzheimer disease
Group 5
Student 9, Student 10
Fragile X syndrome
Group 6
Student 11, Student 12
Duchenne's muscular dystrophy

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